Unable to update Arducopter from 4.1.2 to 4.1.5

Oh dear, I’ve been away for so long that I’ve forgotten how to set things up! I’ve updated MP to 1.3.77, but I’ve been unable to install Arducopter 4.1.5. Using MP, with the board connected physically by USB but “Disconnected” from MP, I select ‘Install firmware, Copter V4.1.4.5 OFFICIAL’, click ‘Yes’ on the ‘Are you sure …’ message, then ‘Upload firmware’. The progress bar goes solid green, but after about 30 seconds it goes white, with ‘ERROR: No response from board’. The last message displayed while the progress bar was green was something about checking COM ports. Once or twice I had a message about updating the bootloader, but that then gave me a scary message about it might brick my board, so I didn’t proceed.

My board is MRo R15 installed in a heli, and has been operating succesfully with Arducopter 4.1.2 for about three months.

Using APM Planner I simply got the message ‘No valid device found …’, yet in each case the board seems to be communicating correctly for all other configuration functions.

Did you select the Com port it’s on from the pull down menu before attempting to flash it? Not connect, just select.

I’ve tried COM13, which is what it uses when the board is connected for configuration etc., and I’ve also tried with the com port set to AUTO. The baud rate is set at 9600, which is what it’s always been, and doesn’t seem to the changeable.

Select 115200 from the pulldown. But I’m not sure if that will solve your problem.

The pulldown doesn’t allow me to select anything except 9600.

But what about updating the driver? Has the driver been lost when I’ve updated MP to v1.3.77? The only reason I’m not trying that at the moment is the warning it gives that it might brick my board.

You don’t have this pulldown after selecting the Com port and before connecting? In any case this won’t be the problem. The firmware will flash if it’s set to 9600.

It’s almost impossible to brick the board. Give QGroundControl a try selecting Ardupilot Chibios and current Stable. This often works when MP is being difficult, The you can revert back to MP for whatever else you need to do after flashing.

In MP the pulldown is there, like in your screenshot, but clicking on it gives no other options other than 9600. Also, the COM port pulldown no longer displays a COM number, just AUTO. Clicking on it gives me 4 (IIRC) other 4-letter-acronym options which mean nothing to me.

As well as APM Planner I did give QGC a try yesterday with the same result. I’ll go back there today, using the selections you suggest. If that fails I think I’ll try a full uninstall and reinstall of MP.

I’ll try a full uninstall and reinstall of MP.
That is the recommended procedure in such cases

Uninstall/reinstall didn’t change things. But using QGC did the job, and I’ve not got v4.1.5 heli installed. Thanks Dave.

Going back to MP I then had to disconnect/reconnect the USB cable a few times before it would recognise the correct COM port, but it’s working now.

Strange, but when I have encountered odd things with Mission planner before QGC has done the job. Glad to hear it’s flashed!

How is teh board being powered. I have had this problem when the board is powered by the USB only while other peripherals are also getting their power from the board.
I have had to power the copter to get teh upload to work or disconnect the peripheral devices. That’s with the Pixracer. I use them a lot.

Just a thought

I thought that too, but powering the board with its normal flight battery made no difference. When QGC did the job, that was with USB power only.

Was it an USB cable issues ??

I tried two different USB cables and two different USB ports on my laptop. Both of them worked okay when connected to MP to view/configure the board, but neither worked when ‘disconnected’ from MP to do the firmware upgrade. Unplugged and re-plugged, as per instructions, but no change.

One of the cables worked with QVC – no point in testing the other one, since the upgrade worked! 4.1.5 was confirmed when I went back to MP.