Unable to retrieve parameters on CRSF Mavlink

Hello everyone.
I built a flying wing last year running ArduPlane that works like a charm. I used a Holybro Mavlink radio for telemetry feedback and used standard Flysky FS-i6 for radiocontrols.

This year, I decided to go harder and to start going long range. I bought a TBS Crossfire Micro TX V2, that I plugged on my new TX16S.

I need to connect my new quadcopter to my GCS through the Wi-Fi AP the Micro TX creates.

Here is where I am currently :

  • I get radio signal (able to control the motors and all that stuff)
  • I can connect through USB to the quad
  • I can get basic telemetry (such as the standard informations you get on Mission Planner main screen)
    through my Micro TX Wi-Fi AP, but I’m unable to really connect to the quad as I’m stuck at “Getting params” everytime I connect (altough I can see the axis moving on my Mission Planner background)

Here is what I need :

  • I need to get both radio controls and Mavlink telemetry on my Crossfire. I want to be able to change settings and all that stuff without an USB cable.

My hardware :

  • FC : Mamba Basic F405 MK3 (ArduCopter V4.3.0 dev)
  • RX : TBS Nano RX
  • TX : Eachine TX16S + TBS Micro TX V2

I followed the pinout available here

I don’t know if there is any other informations needed to help me.

Thank you

Update the TBS gear to the latest versions. You’ll need to use their beta versions. You can get what you want from the TBS link …


I haven’t had a lot of luck getting a stable/useable link from the TX V2 to work with Mission Planner, but it seems to work well enough to my iPad running QGC. It’s been fine for mucking about in the field but I wouldn’t use the wifi link for anything critical or high value.

Thank you for answering!

I’m already on all the latest versions but I’m unsure if I’m running beta versions. I’ll check that in a few hours when I’ll get back home.

That’s a sad news for me, as I was planning to use this quadcopter only for testing purposes, to then build an aircraft specifically for long range. Is there any other link similar to TBS CSRF allowing for long range control and telemetry ? Or is there any plan for TBS CSRF to become useable as a real long range telemetry link ?

Thanks a lot

I’m not an expert on it, but from what I’ve read there is a technical limitation on how much data CRSF can send for telemetry. It does work, and if you’ve already got the gear it’s worth trying before you drop more cash.

Don’t worry too much about the TBS beta versions. Their beta versions are pretty solid.

If you want a serious system then I’d look to RFD900 TXModV2. It will do what you’re looking for but the receivers are much larger so depending on the quad that may be an issue.

Play with the bandwith a bit. I had to do that on the Express LRS Beta FPV radios I am using. If you use a narrow bandwidth it will drop packets. Keep in mind the research I did, its extremely difficult to get a stable GCS connection through the link. I am using mine to push telemetry back to OpenTx so I can do some short flights without a GCS hooked up. Ended up just adding RFD900’s for GCS hookup. Seems if you want a stable GCS with your transmitter link then the RFD900 TXMod or a herelink are the way to go.

Hey, I couldn’t find how to change the bandwidth. Could you please help me ?

RFD900 seems like a great solution but it’s a bit expensive! Guess I’ll need to find out how to work with my Crossfire before buying the RFD900 :slight_smile: