Unable to regain manual camera servo control

Happy New Year all.

First, the problem: I have a flying wing which is almost ready to fly after about 6 months (school and work make for very little time and effort to devote to the project). My last hiccup lies in controlling the front camera servos. After many hours of tinkering, I got them to work as desired around midnight a couple days ago…only to stop working after testing the “point camera here” command. I’ve been racking my brain for the last two days trying to figure out what the problem is, and I’m stuck at an impasse.

I know the servos are operational and configured correctly, since they work without any problem by using the “point camera here” command in the flight screen. I am using a joystick and GCS only, no standard RC transmitter. I have tried to change the “mount” mode to all its possible options (Retracted, Neutral, RC Targeting, Mavlink Targeting, GPS Point) but I can’t get manual control back. I still have full control surface responses, so I know it isn’t the stick. I’ve configured my camera control rotaries on Channel 5 and 6 and set them as the appropriate inputs in the configuration and yet still no luck. What am I missing?

RVJet flying wing kit
Pixhawk with ArduPlane 3.4.0
Mission Planner 1.3.34 build 1.1.5836.10557
Saitek X52 HOTAS

Pixhawk pins:
MAIN1/RC1 - Elevon Left
MAIN2/RC2 - Elevon Right
AUX1/RC9 - Camera Tilt
AUX2/RC10 - Camera Yaw
AUX5/RC13 - Lidar Lite
AUX6/RC14 - Lidar Lite

you need to change the mount mode.
on the actions tab there is a method of changing it (set mount)

Don’t you also need to reboot the flight controller in order for the mount mode change to take effect?