Unable to find certain parameters

I am connected to my PixHawk and I am unable to a find a number of parameters under “Advance Paramters”, or “Full Paramter List”?

My firmware is Ardu Plane.

paramters I am looking for are such as;

  1. OSD4_

ArduPilot doc shows all of them. What am I do wrong “or” am I searching at the wrong place? :slight_smile:


Why are you looking parameters for Copter if you using Plane ?

I think maybe I am confusing two things in my head.

Working on a Hex VTOL with a push motor. What would be a frame type selection should be initially?

Sorry, first time trying a VTOL and trying to do a deeper dive.

And why OSD parameters not available inside ArduPlane?

It is a plane with Q_ parameters set for HEXA.

AFAIK you see OSD parameters if you use a FC with built in OSD, other boards the OSD functionality is not compiled in.