Unable to Connect to Intel Aero Drone via Python Script

Using the connection string below, one of my Windows 10 computers connects to the Intel Aero drone just fine.

vehicle = connect(‘udp:’, wait_ready=False)

But when using another one of my Windows 10 computers, I receive the error below. Same for the Raspberry Pi that I tried using.

WARNING:dronekit:Link timeout, no heartbeat in last 5 seconds

I suspect that there’s no problem with the Intel Aero Drone since it connects to one of my computers just fine. Maybe there’s some connection setting I could change on the others to get them to connect? Any ideas?

First make sure that you disabled your windows firewall and you use a fix IP in the same network than your vehicle.

try this :

import pymavlink.mavutil as utility
import pymavlink.dialects.v20.all as dialect

vehicle = utility.mavlink_connection(device=“udp:”)

wait for a heartbeat


inform user

print(“Connected to system:”, vehicle.target_system, “, component:”, vehicle.target_component)

also you can also try on 14551 sometimes.

This is all my tips :wink: