Unable to complete an AutoTune on only 1 axis

V shape Octo

(8) 2207 2100kv
7x4 APC props
3S 4400mAh
3DR Solo Cube w/Mini Carrier
BLHeli 4in1 35A esc
915Mhz Telemetry
AUW 1390

It takes much longer to complete just one axis tune. Well, AutoTune never completes. It is flyable for about 8-11 minutes on defaults settings and a bit heavier than I would like. Normally it only needs about 3-4 minutes per axis. Is my frame too “soft”. Aggressiveness is @ .1 Any help/advice appreciated.


there is multiple problem with your build
first your copter is not physically balanced , not too much but its unbalanced

second your vibration is high with clipping

high vibration will make noise on gyroscope and you can see this on rate values and also asymmetry response in your autotune values

try to balance your copter then add a vibration damper under FC if already mounted a vibration damper ,check for hard wires or other parts to dont transfer vibration from body to FC, also check propeller balance

Awesome, thanks for taking a look. Its a V shape Octo, you only graphed 4 RC outputs? I believe I’m still tail heavy. I can move the battery forward for better CG. I do have some questionable props on for now. Some have a few chips, just trying to avoid damaging new props. Vibrations could be a few loose wires/cables…

After remounting the FC on Zeal, and moved CG forward with double battery straps and taping down any loose cables, I think it has improved the Vibrations. Thank You!