Unable to change Ardurover Firmware in Mission Planner

Using an APM 2
Mission Planner 1.3.41
Using version v2.51 beta

Tried to change to version 3.0.1
Disconnected APM - Selected Initial Setup - Install Firmware - selected ArduRover v3.0.1
Asked if I was sure – yes
Downloaded it from internet
reading hex
uploading firmware

Goto Flight Data - Messages and re-connect
still says Ardurover v251.beta

Reboot computer, repeat process

---- still says v2.51 beta

Got any ideas?


I have just replicated what your seeing. You choose the Rover icon and it says Rover 3.0.1 so it seems like its uploading that version. But what happens is Mission Planner (MP) auto detects what type of board you have connected and it then loads the appropriate firmware - on my APM it loaded ArduRover v2.51-beta. If you connect to your APM board and go to the messages tab on the Flight Data screen it should show you the version number of the software on your APM.

3.0.1 does not run on APM’s. The 2.x series of software is for the APMs.

Thanks, Grant.


Wow. That was impressive.

Thanks for going through the process and coming up with the answer so quickly.

The good part is that the behavior makes sense and the bad part is that I really need to look at an upgrade.



Version 2.51 beta may be the last version of ArduRover firmware that will load onto the APM2.x due to memory limitations.

It is.

Time to upgrade to a Pixhawk. :slight_smile: