Unable to calibrate esc's with APM v2.8

I am able to calibrate each of the esc’s individually by connecting them individually to reciever itself directly.
But when I try to calibrate all four at once its not happening.
I am doing the exact process for calibration as mentioned everywhere, like keep throttle up and connect the battery and so …!
But I unable to make them to calibration mode.

I have done everything perfectly.
Right from the assembly to the calibration.
I have uploaded firmware Arducoptor v3.2.1 through misson planner and done every calibration work correctly.
But still when it comes esc calibration part its not getting done.
I am using Fs ct6b as transmitter.

I had no clue what might be the reason.
I have searched everywhere for the solution and haven’t found any way, finally lost my patience and landed here hoping to find some help…!

I have use the method shown in this Video

It works but the motors spin slowly when the copter is armed.I feel you know about this but you may have missed the power button push I certainly did for a number of attempts.

I already tried doing this but it didnt worked,
I didn’t understood what you mean by “the power button push”

By the way, I am using APM v2.8 not the pixhawk…!

He is talking about the Safety Arming Switch for a Pixhawk. You have an APM 2.8 that does not have this switch.

Then what to do in our case.
We have no clue what might be the reason for the problem.
Please some one help me find the solution…!

Is it possible you have the ESC signal leads connected backwards? In other words, Control Signal Input (White or Orange wire) to the ESC connected to Ground on the APM, and Ground (Black or Brown) wire from the ESC connected to Control Signal Output on the APM?

No,when it comes to connections everything is perfect.
All the connections are done correctly and I even checked it 3,4 times…!

It does not matter. If you cal them successfully individually it will function the same as all-at-one calibration.

Haa yes it should.
But, it isn’t in my case.
when I keep the throttle up and plug the battery there is a set beeps(not like the one which we get while calibrating, they are like normal beeps that we get everytime we connect battery).
And when I disconnect the battery and reconnect it back and make the throttle down, there is no sound out and thus no calibration done…:man_facepalming:

Then don’t do that. You said you already calibrated them with the Reciever so go fly it.

But it is not getting armed, that’s the main problem.
Thats why I am thinking that esc Calibration might be the main reason.

If you can calibrate the ESC’s individually they are fine. There are many other pre-flight requirements that you must meet before it will allow you to arm. One for example is the minimum number of satellites and the minimum signal quality for those satellites. Look at the messages tab in mission planner and see if it is complaining about some requirement not met.

The ability to Arm has nothing to do with ESC calibration.

pls connect to Mission Planner using USB cable and try to Arm (No props). Look in the messages tab for possible faults.