Unable to calibrate compass

I have been trying to get my first helicopter up and flying but have been stuck on the compass calibration for the past three weeks… I have searched to the end of the internet and have switched around nearly every setting in Mission Planner with no success. Mission Planner recognizes the Compass but when I start the calibration it stays at 0% with absolutely no progress.
When I attempt Large Vehicle MagCal I get the prompt: “The Command failed to execute”

Flight Controller: Matek H743 v2
GPS/Compass: Matek M9n 5883
Mission Planner: 1.3.75
Firmware: Arducopter v4.1.2

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

post a screenshot of your MissionPlanner HW ID screen, and even a param file.

I truly appreciate the response! I have attached both items, hopefully in the correct format.

Paramfile.param (20.6 KB)

Update for anyone in the future that comes upon this thread with a similar issue. Turned out to be a bad QMC5883L magnetometer. Ended up buying another Matek M9N and it calibrated perfectly fine.