Unable to calibrate accelerometers with custom firmware


Im a total n00b to compiling firmware, but am trying to get IRLock working on a Hex

copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/precis … th-irlock/

Ive followed the instructions, enabled precision lock in APM_Config.h, loaded up px4 console and done make px4-v2-hexa. All looks ok few weird errors that dont make sense to me but it does produce the .px4

upload to Pixhawk via missionplanner, which reports it as 3.4-Dev version which is curious as the documentation on github says it should be 3.3

Everything appears to work. Except I cannot calibrate accelerometers, the button in mission planner changes to “click when done”, but it does not prompt to place vehicle nose down etc, since accelerometers arent calibrated I get a swag of random errors about Pos vert variance etc.

Any ideas? Ive tried everything I think of to make it work. I can upload standard firmware and it calibrates fine…

I doubt it’s your firmware, it’s a known problem github.com/diydrones/apm_planner/issues/882

Cheers, Its definitely my firmware though.

I can install “released” 3.4-Dev and it works fine :confused: (so does 3.3x etc) through Mission Planner


This is doing my head in, im about to ragequit! :cry: