Unable control roll/pitch in acro mode


I try prepare my heli for first launch. But when I switch to acro mode, I can contor a throttle but I’m unable to control roll/pitch, heli don’t response on any comand on left stick ( mode 3 ).

Any Idea?

I try:
disable pre-arm check
tuning stab param

Thanks a lot.

Does it work in Stabilize mode?

I have the same problem on a TRex 450. I have tuned all the gains in Stabilize and it flies well but in Acro the right stick (roll/pitch) does nothing.

Can one of you attach your parameter file?

Any chance you are flying on Flybar mode?

Which code are you using?

.param file attached. This was when I was doing my initial PID tuning in stabilize mode. So I know the gains are not correct.
Yes this is with flybar mode.
Code version 3.1.5

Ah, ok, so flybar acro was broken in 3.1.5, but should now be working in 3.2.