Ultracote Lite over foam benifits

I’ve built many (many) EPO foam aircraft for use as a drone. After about 10 flights you know it’s a used aircraft. I’ve been looking for ways to improve durability of the airframe itself.

I am thinking of trying Hangar 9 Ultracote Lite linked here.

I have also found a list of weights linked here.

I have also considered light weight fiberglassing of the airframe.

Has anyone had success or can offer some advice on improving the durability of a foam airframe (for example, a Nimbus 1800 or a bixler 3)?

I use laminate film from Aloft Hobbies on my wings and tails. Monocote/ultracote is a bit harder to work with because it uses a higher temperature, which causes to the foam to bubble and “gator.” Fuselage is a bit harder to do since they usually are more rounded.

I paint them with transparent water barnice
When they are older, paint with withe and cover with barnice

I’ve ordered the CP 1.7, 3 and 10 mil laminate thicknesses, will report back when I get them on, TYVM!

Link for this stuff is here.

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