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UBlox ZED-F9P L1/L2/L5 GNSS Unit

(Pascal_P) #21

Hi @jolivart , sorry to come back and ask again, but I tried to translate without success an UBX file I found on your pages (Untitled_181025_141503_ZED_fraga2.ubx), does it have the RXM messages ? If not have you got one UBX with full raw data inside ?
I used TEQC and RTKconv.

(Josep Olivart) #22

Hi @Pascal_P, the log files you looked don’t have the RAWX message enabled.
I have just uploaded a log file with this message enabled:
This data is fresh, collected with the simpleRTK2B antenna placed in a window of a tall building (the signal quality is bad), just to let you check the RAW messages.

(Pascal_P) #23

I backed up your project. My goal is to integrate your boards inside a Pixhawk / PPK solution. It looks very promising.

(Josep Olivart) #24

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: