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UBlox ZED-F9P L1/L2/L5 GNSS Unit

(Drew Sandlin) #1

Have any of you guys seen this new (well new to me at least) UBlox receiver?

If I’m reading this right it sounds like a multiband, multiconstellation RTK receiver. I sent UBlox an email for some more information. I couldn’t find a price anywhere.

Could be snake oil, but this video makes it sound like the holy grail of centimeter level positioning in a high multipath environment. The video below looks like they slapped the unit on a model train running in a 1m circle and managed to get an RTK fix INDOORS. Like I said, could be snake oil.

Anybody seen or heard anything about this module? If it’s priced anywhere close to the M8P and performs as advertised, Emlid and Swiftnav’s days are numbered…

(Corrado Steri) #2

Even if the video is a bit “pumped” it is still an L1/L2/L5 unit and coming from ublox it is probably going to be priced on the lower side. Hopefully we will have units integrating this new chip very very soon. It definitely looks like L1/L2 RTK will be available for masses at a reasonable price very soon.


(Drew Sandlin) #3

I emailed the folks at U-Blox and they said the module will be for sale in Q4 of this year, guess we’ll know here soon enough. They said the evaluation board part number will be C099-F9P. They couldn’t give me any pricing information though (understandable).