Ublox M8N NO gps - DOA?

I just finished building a quad with a Pixhawk kit. Everything seems to be fine so far except for GPS. I have read some comments on the GPS LED but this revision has no LED on it. There is power to it and I have put it in satellite coverage for a half hour. It still shows a GPS fix of 0 Lat o Long which is default. Is there anyway to test this device and see if it has even picked up any GPS data at all? Are there any config Items I should check in MP? The manufacturing on this device is pretty dodgy so I would not be surprised if is DOA.

How is anyone to help you when you supply no information? The Ublox M8N is a chipset sold to GPS manufacturers. Things like LED indicators for power or GPS lock are added by the GPS manufacturer and can be different for every vendor. No one can guess what GPS you purchased.

You can use the tools Ublox provides to directly connect from a laptop and check every aspect of the GPS.

Have you used Mission Planner to determine if it is connected correctly? Does it produce data?