Ublox GPS "Compasses inconsistent"

I can’t get my Pixhawk to pass the pre-arm check because of the “compasses inconsistent” error.

I have a Pixhawk mounted with the arrow pointing to the left with the quadcopter forwards. I also have the 3DR GPS/Compass mounted with the arrow pointing left.

From what I’ve read in the documentation, this means my Board_Orientation needs to be set to Yaw270 degrees and the Compass Orientation set to 0. I’m using Mission Planner with the latest firmware on the Pixhawk. There is conflicting information that the compass orientation might need to be set to roll 180 because the magnetometer is mounted to the bottom of the board? A tech from 3DR told me that only applies to the APM.

The compass calibration goes smoothly, but I keep getting the pre-arm error “compasses inconsistent”.

A photo of my setup below, the pixhawk is underneath with the arrow pointing to the left.

Im having exactly the same thing. (Sorry this wont actually help you)

This is my first time using a pixhawk and I just cannot get it past this stage. I origonally tried with a M8N but switched my secondary 3DR to primary just to try to get it to work, but no. It callibrates fine, both sets of dots move along the same coloured axis, but i just cant arm it because I get “Compass inconsistent” despite the bearing pointing the right way and moving correctly as i move the craft. Just cant loose the annoying yellow light!

Any ideas anyone please??

I have managed to solve mine by returning to my retailer. we spent an hour oir more swapping out compasses and fiddleing with settings to no avail. Then we swapped the pixhawk out and calibrated it off my laptop, just as i had before but this time it worked. We concluded faulty hardware.
Hope that helps…