uBlox 6M GPS

I purchased the “Mini uBlox 6M GPS W/ (35x35mm) Mounting backplane and Compass” from Ready to Fly Quads. witespyquad.gostorego.com/access … mpass.html. It seems to work well but has no “forward” arrow anywhere. Can anyone tell me which direction is forward? I think it calibrated ok, but I am not sure or if I even need to know forward. Also, can I connect the LiPo battery while I have the APM connected to Mission Planner via USB? I am new to this hobby and this is my first quad. I appreciate any help I can get!

Hi there,

Yes, you can connect the battery while connected to the APM software, you will need to do this if you want to test the motor order etc….

On the GPS/Compass point, I had a few where it was not clear, so I simply plugged it in…… held it in my hand, and rotated it until it pointed north, shown in Mission Planner. making sure that East and West are also aligned (right and left) or you may need to set the Roll to 180 in mission planner, I use an Iphone compass to see where north should be….:slight_smile:

Also new to this exciting hobby, happy to hear if someone know an easier, better / correct way.

Thanks Craig,
I did do that, I just didn’t think it was that simple.