UAVCAN on pixhawk


This is my first post on this forum, but I am a fairly active participant in the DIYdrones forum.

I have a problem… I bought a Zubax gps/gnss/compass/baro combo, and it runs on the UAVCAN protocol.

Apperantly there is no way, using mission planner for me to configure the pixhawk to accept and recognize the zubax on the UAVCAN port. Is this a mission planner issue? or is it an arducopter issue?

If the Zubax does 60% of what it says it is capable of, it will be next level accuracy in both altitude and positioning.

Is there a possibility that in the next release of mission planner or even sneak it in to AC 3.2 before it is finally out of beta, that you could put in a way to enable the UAVCAN in the parameters?

I need to use mission planner for many reasons. Q Ground Control does not meet my needs. But with QGC i can configure and use the UAVCAN port and use the zubax.


UAVCAN support is available in AC master since about a month ago:!topic … 0racARSMbA. You can give it a try if you’re OK with using unstable firmware.

BTW, you can post Zubax-specific questions to the support forum at