UAVCAN CANbus UC4H Group Buy of ESC nodes and STorM32NT/TSTorM controller boards

This is a rare opportunity to get the newest STorM32NT/TSTorM controller brds and OlliW’s new ESC node with carrier for Kiss 32 ESC’s. Most people are aware of OlliW’s Gimbal controller designs that have been manufactured by multiple vendors and available on the open market for many years. But the manufacturers were happy to build in mass production the first few versions but not later newer versions of OlliW’s designs. In order to allow DIY users to get access to the newer designs without having to order circuit boards and assemble them yourself a group of DIY users has gotten together to make a minimum order from a known Asian builder.

This is a group buy primarily for DIY builders. This may be the only way to get one of these boards assembled. These should be considered prototypes and hence have some risk involved.

For the UAVCAN compatible STorM32NT and T-STorM32 version 3.3 Gimbal controller and Motor driver boards:

For the UAVCAN compatible UC4H ESC node with carrier to install a Kiss 32 ESC see:

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thx, Mike


@MagicRuB @tridge this could be useful.


I’d like to draw your attention to the attempt of a group buy of UC4H ESC KISS Carrier Boards, which can be used to build UAVCAN ESCs by installing KISS 32A or 24A ESCs in the carrier. The details of that effort are described in post #526

Currently 24 carrier boards have been “ordered”, but I’ve (artificially) set a limit of a minimum 30 (or 32) to complete this effort. So, we are short of two participant.

The call is however still running for about a week, so, still time to sign in!

I will close this call by Thursday, 8. March., 24:00UTC.

(this is to get things synchronized with my day work )

Have fun, Olli