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Two motors spinning faster than the other

I know this topic has been discussed but I feel like this is something different.

The copter flies fine and is stable but after I land and check the motors, motors 1&2 are very hot to the touch compared to 3&4.

The logs shows that they are spinning faster. I saw in previous topics that it can be caused by a tilt in one or multiple motors but what was odd to me was that there was a difference in RPM before take off.

I did some tests on the ground without props and found that indeed there is a difference at spin up. I don’t know what would be the cause of this. Someone told me since the X frame is wider on roll than pitch that I should set it to ‘H’ frame instead of ‘X’ . Now motors 3 & 4 are spinning faster. In both tests it seems to be the CCW motors.

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