Two motors (C and D) spin at the same time when motortest

Hi all,
I’am encoutering a problem with motor test, when I run motor C motor C and D tunrs together, and when I test motor D I have the same problem, motor D and C turns together.
I have tried to disconnect motor C I have the same problem if I try to test motor C motor D turn also, and I also try to disconnect motor D same effect.
I have this board

I flashed the board with aducopter_with_bl, for information I have used this board 5 times on other drones everything work!

I’ve triesd to calibrate ESC with ESC_CALIBRATION parameter to 3, but it’s doesn’t work I didn’t hear any sound, (for informtion I’ve never done ESC calibration with my other board)

My params (same has 5 other drones)
discuss.param (18.5 KB)

I just loaded up beta8 on a KakuteF4Mini and loaded your parameters - motor test works fine. I can only conclude that you have some hardware problem, e.g. a short between the motors or a problem with the ESCs

I used it for years, I think there is an issue with ESC calibration no longer setting the corect spooling or it is a hardware issue i never seen before I ended up returning the board. Note no issue when using DShot.

I going to do a video if i have the time. I was able to reproduce the issue. [MatekH743]

Yes so I think I have an issue with my board unfortunately

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