Two Holybro F9P Rover Lite GPS Modules always give North Direction


I am using Cube Orange , ArduCopter 4.1.0 stable Version.
I have installed two Holybro F9P Rover Lite GPS Modules , i have followed the Wiki

I am set the patameters according to the wiki , i am getting Heading from the GPSs but

the issue is whenever i power up the Cube Orange , MP always points to North Direction .

Kindly help!!!

Kindly help , if anyone is facing the same issue.

I have the same problem. I changed some parameters and it started to indicate the right direction before going back to north after EKF3 IMU buffs.

It’s not “facing north”. Zero is an error value that typically indicates lack of initialization. Is the uBlox firmware up to date (v1.13)? Are your GPS_POS* offsets correct? Is GPS_AUTO_CONFIG set to 1? Are the antennas in clear view of the sky? And are the antennas far enough apart?

I found out what was wrong. The default baud rate on the holybro was set to 460 800 which is way to high so lowered it down to 115 200 and it worked.