Two easy questions RE thrust curve and left movement of Quad

Firmware 4.0.3, Black cube. Earlier on I was advised to build a thrust curve with a flat section in the middle and it is in my radio. However, I have continued to notice when in Stabilize that I have a hard time getting the quadcopter to maintain its altitude and it wants to drift up and down. Does the existence of the throttle thrust curve inhibit the Arducopter’s ability to learn its thrust settings?; ie; should I get rid of that curve and have it more of a linear line?

I had the quadcopter flying quite good other than the comment above, but changed the motors and now it will not hold its position, it wants to move to the left (pitch?), not turn left. I did a new Accelerometer Calibration but that didn’t help. Thoughts, suggestions. Also long flight in stabilize where it seemed to get better, but not really.

Thanks Earl

How earlier on was that? You don’t want a thrust curve in the Transmitter it’s being done in firmware. Stabilize Mode will drift up and down as there is no Altitude Hold feature to it.

In what Mode will it not hold its position?