Two Dimensional Compass Calibration

Hello Ardu Community,

I am part of the Gator Hydrofoil team that is constructing a fairly large autonomous hydrofoil vehicle. The issue with compass calibration is due to the size of our vehicle obtaining the 3D compass calibration is quite difficult and time consuming, requiring several people to spin the device. I was wondering if there has been any development for a 2D compass calibration. This could be extremely useful for the Ardurover or other vehicles that require GPS independent of attitude angles. I have read scholarly articles saying that it is possible, but have not found any usable implementations.

Does anyone have any recommendations or ideas with this problem?


I just guessing but if you had a second flight controller mounted in the same way as the large crafts controller but on a proxy frame could you not swap them out or copy the fields then fine tune in advanced config?

This is a great question… and I regret that I don’t have an answer to it. Does anyone know?

A low-tech solution: you might mount as much of the autopilot-and-sensors as possible on a small (30cm x 30cm) “platform.” You could physically remove the platform from the vehicle, and perform the compass cal by spinning it only. Of course it won’t be as good of a calibration, but hopefully it might be enough?

Also, if you could post links to the articles which reference a different calibration procedure, folks here might be able to figure out whether they’re referencing something that’s outdated-but-possible.