Two Aileron Channels and broken link

I’ve read responses to similar posts, but still haven seen what I’m looking for….

I have right and left Aileron servos and right and left Flap servos on my model. I’ve configured a Taranis x9d+ radio to control two Aileron channels (left and right) with the Aileron stick, and two Flap channels (left and right) with a slider control.

I understand I can configure multiple servo outputs such as 2 Aileron and 2 Flap servos, however unlike Elevons, Throttle and V-Tail there isn’t a Right or Left version of Aileron or Flap. How then does ArduPilot know which Aileron to manipulate whilst autopiloting the model?

Furthermore, can such a model be represented by either Mission Planner or QroundControl on their tuning/configuration page?

Several prior posts on the topic reference a broken link,

Greatly appreciate any answers/guidance/examples as to how to define such a model. BTW – using a Pixhawk 2.1 (Cube). Thanks.

Aileron servos are installed symmetrical so if they get the same PWM signal one aileron moves up the other one down. Arduplane does not have to know which is left or right, you just have to make sure they move in the right direction in manual and assisted modes.
The flap servos usually are installed assymmetrical, so the flaps move in parallel with the same PWM signal.

Set your plane up like the above links.

Plug you 2nd aileron into the channel 5 slot. Set SERVO5_FUNCTION to 4 (the same as Servo1_FUNCTION). This will link them together. Adjust SERVO5_REVERSED if it is backwards. I like using a separate channel as well for my ailerons because I can set the trims and limits digitally instead of mechanically.

Make sure your inputs are just on channel 1 through 4. The RCMAP_ROLL channel will control both ailerons (even though it’s just 1 input channel). You can also mix-and-match channels.

Thank you, a light is coming on…