Twin Gas Engine RPM & Temperature Sensor

Hello Mindhive,

I am at the moment on a twin gas engine project that requires Engine RPM and temperature sensing.
has anyone been able to make it work and if yes, with which sensors? I have found this article as also a few about the FRsky rpm sensor, but nothing complete for a pixhawk.
Does any one have an idea of how this could be done on a dual engine plane that currently utilizes hall sensors for RPM?

The RPM side is easy, just set the two RPMs as RPM_TYPE=2 and RPM2_TYPE=2 and set the pin numbers to the right aux pins.
For temperature sensing there is no builtin support for engine temperature sensors except for those that have it in the protocol (eg. BLHeli32 ESCs with telemetry). We could certainly add it if its needed. Is the temperature just for logging, or is it essential for engine control?

Thank you for your reply.
Both RPM and Temps i would like to be able to monitor on the HUD.
I will run a couple of tests with our Engine Hall sensors on how i can get RPM & RPM2 working but temps are eseential simply to monitor proper function and tuning of the engine inflight since tune can be adjusted remotely during flight. Being able to log as also view in real time is the ideal scenario.

In addition to the things i said above i am looking into having also a level for fuel installed. Would that be possible to be seen on the telemetry?
Initial though is to convert the fuel gauge to give similar signal to the power brick signal and measure it as a battery.

yes, that will work in the short term. Longer term we should probably have a specific MAVLink message for liquid fuel levels, but I don’t have time to work on that now, sorry