Turbulence or issue with aircraft?

Hi, newbie here and learning rapidly. I have an IRIS+ and I’m having a blast with it. However I noticed that when I set up a mission that does a circle around the house , now and then it’ll hit an air “bump” for lack of a better description. The copter will lurch and then continue on perfectly stable flight.

Air conditions here are very smooth - it’s cold, no wind and no convective activity in Colorado where I am. I’m a local private pilot so I know the local conditions reasonably well.

So I was wondering if anyone had seen this before? Is this just a low level convective bump that the aircraft is encountering or could it be an issue? I have no experience with drones - the IRIS+ is my first. If it could be an issue, any clues on where to look? Should I download the log and play with that? Or is there somewhere else to look first?


How about providing either tlogs and/or data flash logs to help troubleshoot your issue.

Thanks, will figure out how to do that and post a log in future.