Tuple index out of range

Morning All.
Just getting a hex ready to maiden tomorrow and i am on the hunt for errors.
I checked the logs via auto analysis and saw this error.
No clue what it means.
Test: Motor Balance = UNKNOWN - tuple index out of range
Any thoughts.

I have added the logs from testing this morning. If anyone can have a quick peak
and see if anything bad stands out I would appreciate it.
This is a craft being tested in the basement so GPS fix is hard to come by and could be the reason i am getting vert pos errors and EKF changes.

My guess is that has more to do with an error in the Auto Analysis routine than a problem with the actual metric. You could post that in the Ground Station>MP thread.

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Thanks Dave. I suspected something like that. Just suffering from Pre-Maiden Paranoia. It\s a condition I think most drone enthusiasts suffer from at some point in their life.