Tuning the Harmonic Notch



JazzMaverick BLHeli_S firmware flashing old ver J-H-30, 16.7
motor pin move to main pwm to aux just setting changes servo output 9,10,11,12 motor selection
BRD_PWM_COUNT not showing SERVO_GPIO_MASK = 0 motor aux work

after weekly holiday test fly

Don’t use the double-notch


after all setting change esc rpm showing in log ?

Depends on what your FFT shows. 3 ok for two-blade props

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today flying

after switch poshold hold,loiter,land mode quadcopter climbing high
compass/motor calibration Done interference 30
frame 450 fc pixhawk 1 gps m8n
ekf variance
vibration compensation on/off
gps glitch or compass error

mission planner screen recorder and bin file attach

@dkemxr last work changes
965 topic
after facing problem

next all change default normal
sd card format ,install plane firmware and again install copter firmware,blheli firmware default, motor output pwm . notch disable

and today fly again same issue

There is definitely high vibrations and your flight controller (IMU) is sensitive to these levels.
I would say you need vibration values below 15, it looks like every time it goes over 20 you have trouble.
No amount of software filters will fix this - you need to do more to reduce the physical vibrations or isolate the flight controller.

Plus you have other problems too

So try doing all the mandatory calibrations again, go outside and wait for a good GPS 3D Fix before doing the compass calibrations.
Or get a new flight controller.

today fly after all reset default all tuning setting default
:sob: but same issue only stabilize mode work
poshold,althold,land mode going high vibration after roll/pinch rc input


cant buy new flight controller
can other option any eternal sensor, peripherals buy and mount

Did you change the wsy the flight controller is mounted? Or do any other physical changed to reduce vibrations?

Foam tape is insufficient for this craft, you need something much more compliant like a ball mount. Even Zeal Gel would probably not work but you could try it.

Are those aluminum arms?

Yes almunium arm and base f450 frame
Extra battery and fc mount wooden plate

New shock absorber added

I feel your cables/modules above and surrounding the FCU are creating unnecessary vibrations. consider securing it down.

My 2cents…years ago we used a hex copter where clearance between props tips was 1" or less… it was horrible to land and would eratically move up and down as it neared ground…it is partially why i started building my own copters…my designs are all run through ecalcs…the x8 and quads are all ±18" square to motor center with 12 1/2 to 13 inch props… ecalcs flags a couple of these because they miss clearance by 1/2" or less… i.e. they all have 5" or more between prop tips…i have yet to see any of them have issues with ground effect… not sure the reasoning… or if this has an effect…but with the help of this community all 4 of my uavs are still flying with no major issue to date

today fly

fft test log
mask enable

mask enable
fft off harmonic off
look fft graph

I want to do a throttle based setup

In “9fft hover.bin”
The in-flight FFT actually picked up on the base frequency quite well.
So if you wanted to use FFT you would set these:


There is a bit of spread to the frequencies though because you have some sort of weight or yaw imbalance causing motors to run at all significantly different RPM. Best tp carefully check your motor alignment.

To use throttle-based notch you would

INS_HNTCH_ENABLE,1  // set this then refresh params to see the rest

Looking at the second log “13 fft off”, the result is the same - you would use the same throttle-based HNOTCH settings.
The broad spread of frequencies is still there, so definitely look at the motor mounts and alignment.
If you can fix that you would be able to refine INS_HNTCH_FREQ and INS_HNTCH_BW

No matter which HNOTCH method you choose, set this in all cases
(I see you did this in the second log)

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Today just observation fly
Using temporary pixhawk 1m bdshot firware and bluejay esc firmware esc rpm showing work

Ready2sky 2212 motor 1045 prop 3s lipo

all tested log

You can see rpm in mp

i think pixhawk 1m bdshot throttle based notch on good result but 1mb firmware

When using the BDSHOT firmware you can set

Now just go and run Autotune

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On which valvu will autotune get good result AUTOTUNE_AGGR ?

Pixhawk 1m bdshot good for me but less features

Can i go custom firmware builders adding more
features in pixhawk 1m bdshot firmware ?

In features copter fw new update release So do I have to rebuild the firmware?

You can use 1M but it is not advisable.

Of course you can use custom firmware build server.

Yes, on every new FW release you need to use the custom firmware build server again.

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