Tuning parameters

I have been flying my flying wing with Pixhack V5. I tuned the plane following the Ardupilot blog. I recently changed autopilot from Pixhack V5 to Cube Orange. I copied all the tuning parameters. But I feel the Cube Orange is not as stable as Pixhack V5.

Will the tuning parameters from Pixhack V5 won’t work for Cube Orange? Do I have to tune the flying wing seperately for Cube Orange?

There are lot of other parameters which affect the tune. The vibration isolation and IMU sensors on them are different. It’s better to retune the vehicle.

Thanks for responding Mallikarjun. :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:
I will be doing the tuning again as you suggested. The takeaway is…

We need to do a tuning when we change the autopilot hardware. One set of tuning paratemeters of a autopilot won’t work for a different variant of autopilot even if the drone remains same.