Tuning help for a flying wing

Hi Guys,
This is not the first of these wings that I tune, but it appears that this one is ahead of me for some reason.
Please have a look at the logs posted and let me know what I can do to get the tuning more in line.
I have started with a AUTOTUNE level 6 as I do with all my planes and then go from there. I just can’t get this plane tuned any tighter.
Please help.

Kind regards

How do you mean tighter? What exactly is wrong currently?

Hi Graham,

If you look at the pitch and roll tuning, the lines seam to not follow each other as tightly as on my other planes tuned the same way. To be quite honest, the plane flies quite nicely. I do however feel that the pitch could be a little tighter, I do need to do tecs tuning still to get the altitude control a little better.
kind regards

What are your values for P, I & D on roll and pitch?

is this your first flying wing? I assume you have no rudder control, so movement will not be as smooth as a plane with 4 control surfaces.


I looked at your telemetry log posting and compared nav_roll and nav_pitch to roll and pitch. I noticed that your aircraft’s roll tends to ring(oscillate a cycle or two) after step changes in nav_roll. You could back the gains off a bit in roll to see if the ringing stops.

A flying wing is typically pretty stiff in roll, so it is not likely that the ringing is being caused by flexiblity to to the flight control surfaces. It is more likely that the ringing is a little to much gain.

Loose linkages to the flight control surfaces can cause ringing too.