Tuning basics - MOT parameters

Before diving into advanced tuning such as notch filtering, I thought it was worth going back to the beginning and going through the entire tuning guide to verify that nothing was out of whack.

I discovered that both MOT_PWM_MAX and MOT_PWM_MIN were “0”. Seems to me these should be “2000” and “1000” respectively. I’m using T-Motor Air 20A ESC’s - set to intermediate timing. The wiki said use “2000” and “1000” unless the ESC manual specifies a fixed range. I can see no such fixed range mentioned in the ESC’s manual.

Maybe being set to “0” - these parameters are defaulting to “2000” and “1000”.

Should I go ahead and set them to “2000” and “1000” respectively?

One more question…

The docs say rely on the motor test feature for setting “MOT_SPIN_ARM” and “MOT_SPIN_MIN”. Of course I tested the motors when assembling the copter - but I can’t see anything that says how to set these parameters.

My current setting are close to the defaults - “0.11” and “0.13” respectively. (defaults are “0.15” and “0.1”). Should I leave my current settings alone - or switch to the defaults?

Many thanks!

You can do it in the configuration tab using the full parameter list, or you can set it right on the motor test page. The throttle value you use for the test will not automatically move over. You manually enter the values in the buttons “Set motor spin …”

When MOT_PWM_MAX and MOT_PWM_MIN are set to 0, the RC calibration of the throttle channel is used, so it’s usually not a issue at all - everything working as designed.
This matters when calibrating ESCs that use PWM. ESCs that use a specific PWM range need these values manually set.
If you use DSHOT those get set to 1000/2000 anyway and ESC calibration is not needed.
In future versions only these matter and the RC calibration of throttle wont be used for ESC calibration