Tuning AltHold with constant RPM using ver 3.3.3

I am flying a Logo 400 which is set up well and is flying in Stabiliise mode really well. I’m using the transmitter signal on Ch 8 to set the ESC at a constant so rotor RPM is also constant.

When I go into Alt Hold the heli bounces with a cycle time of about 2 per second and the collective can be seen to be moving which is creating this bounce. What is the parameter I need to tune to stop this bounce. It looks like a P parameter but I’m not sure which one to change and I haven’t been able to find it by trial and error.

Thanks for the help in anticipation.

Ok, I’ve solved the problem. Mission Planner won’t let you set Throttle_Accel_P below 0.5. I used Ch6 to test the correct setting and found the best for my heli is about 0.3. I’ve set Throttle_Accel_I at 0.6 (double P) and Throttle_Accel_D at 0.001 and all is working well now.

In traditional heli in Mission Planner we should let these terms be lower to help others who might be looking for this fix.

MP will let you set it lower: write in the value, hit write params, you get a window saying out of range, hit continue, then hit write params a second time.

The silence in this forum is deafening! Has everyone abandoned trad helis (asymmetrical bicopters) for those new-fangled and very ugly motor-heavy but oh so trendy spidery-looking and way too expensive multis?

Peter, in my case I enjoy the most stable fw 3.3.3. Flying missions without any problems with my camera - Align 700E.
I am sure others also still using their trad.Helis without trouble. Fw 3.4 coming soon. Hopefully it is ok too.

Although I have moved to the dark side with a 3DR X8 my traditional helps still give me a much greater thrill. So my ratio is 5 to 1. My test rig is a Logo 400 but I have a Logo 500 set up old school, two Hirobo SDX and a Srimok 90N. I plan to put a pixhawk on my FBL SDX next.

I think FW3.3.3 is thrilling. It flies really well in all sorts of weather. Love it.

3.3.3 Heli FW Is really very good, hoping to further optimize the basis of this code. Therefore, I look forward to the 3.4 firmware can be accompanied by the addition of new features is better performance, such as Ekf2, terrain follow, ground effects compensation and other new features, I started testing these days 3.4.1 firmware, hoping to have a surprise.

For the two discussions, I am also very keen on the traditional helicopter deconstruction and flight characteristics, do not like the multi-rotor type of aircraft.

Hello guys (and any gals here?)
Also enjoying 3.3.3 on a TRex500 here in the mountains of S. France. Finally doing some missions that require confidence: if you go down it’ll most likely be in a ravine with no hope of recovering the aircraft. Now I have a question:

I’d like to run a mission that includes waypoints at negative relative altitudes. I’m here at 830m absolute altitude, but would like to fly down into some valleys etc. Haven’t tried programming this in MP yet, so thought I would ask.

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