Trying to increase hole shot quad speed, horizontal

good morning folks.
first time poster here.

I own a 3dr solo and am working on trying to get it faster and more nimble than it ships.
without going in to acro mode which removes satellites and thus introduces higher risk, im trying to increase my speed out of the gate.

Let me start off by saying, the left right, forward etc seems to be ok with a modification inside the application.
however the throttle up left stick is just SUPER sluggish from a dead stop.

I was told (thanks rich) on another forum that this setting
Loiter Horizontal Maximum Speed (WPNAV_LOIT_SPEED)

Defines the maximum speed in cm/s which the aircraft will travel horizontally while in loiter mode

Range: 0 2000
Increment: 50
Units: cm/s

should be the one. However, at a max of 2000, it doesnt make a bit of difference. Perhaps thats max speed, not acceleration, which is more of what im looking for.

Hoping you folks can help
thank you much… be well

WPNAV_SPEED_DN and WPNAV_SPEED_UP will control how fast the UAV goes up and down in modes such as PosHold.

WPNAV_LOIT_SPEED, iirc, is for how fast it moves horizontally in loiter mode.

Maybe reading the definitions tripped me up, as it says "during a mission"
ill try that.

Ive edited that first value from 400 to 1000 which is the max… no change.
And the other value was at 1500, moved it to 2000 , no real change either.

The values are holding, and being written… so im confused.

So i dont know that it is the max speed that the quad can go upward, that isnt the issue… Its really more about how fast it gets from 1-60.
At 60 im happy, its from 1-60 is sluggish as hell.
So if there a param that controllers how much torque/acceleration i can get?

Could try increasing WPNAV_ACCEL_Z, or PILOT_VELZ_MAX, or PILOT_ACCEL_Z

WPNAV_SPEED_UP and WPNAV_SPEED_DN certainly work in PosHold as I’ve been playing with those settings myself recently.

Ive tinkered with all of those (except the first three you mentioned).
Im not finding that any of them really make a difference.
I mean i went up from 300 to 500 on the last one you mentioned the PILOT_ACCEL_Z and it should nearly make a 100% improvement. i cant see that it did hardly any, or very little.

None of the settings seem to do anything.
so troubling.

its like it will only accept changes that come from the app. the rabbit and turtle sliders, update the nav numbers that it needs, and that works for responsiveness left and right etc.
just cant find anything for acceleration out of the blocks.

here is a video i just took. i dont see much improvement over the last, but the top speed seems increased (while in GPS mode).
you can see how slow it is out of the blocks.

bump… still trying to find the setting that will make my quad take off faster. acceleration wise.
thanks so far guys.