Trying to build a indoor autnomous drone with 360 lidar

Hello Forum,
Thank you for reading. im currently building a small Drone based on the Pixhawk6c and a Jetson Nano Companion Computer and was wondering a way to stablize(and avoid Objects) it indoors in a non stationary way. After some research i bought a 360 Lidar for horizontal avoidance, wich is working fine.

So now im trying to figure a way to sabilize it indoors in the most inexpensive way. Would a optical flow sensor fit my needs ? - or in other words can i use a 360 lidar in FlowHold Mode? Or would u suggest a entirely diffrent aproach like a stereo Depth Camera (i thought about the Oak-d Lite)?
Or maybe the 360 Lidar will do the Job itself?
(keep in mind i only got a Jetson Nano Platform as boardcomputer)

i would appriciate any input. Thanks for taking the Time

Hi, I used this small and cheap optical flow and it works quite well, even if it suffers from time to time if the ground is homogeneous. For the low cost Iā€™d give it a try. Here are some indoor and out door attempts!EUR!13.96!13.96!!!!!%402145265416835276170147748d0768!67054626233!sea!IT!0&curPageLogUid=RfR55CprVQYJ

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