Troubleshooting your Connection in Mission Planner

I’ve been struggling with trying to get MP (1.3.30) to connect via a 3DR telemetry radios where the ground based radio is connected to a bluetooth device (HC-06) so that my windows tablet/laptop running MP can be completely wireless.

However, it doesn’t work unless you un-tick the ‘Reset APM on USB connect’ checkbox before trying to connect and I have not seen this mentioned in any MP documentation.

I googled the problem and there were a few posts that discussed a similar problem when using bluetooth on the APM, so going bluetooth-to-bluetooth, but this was discussed in conjunction with doing some stuff like ‘not powering on the bluetooth for 15 seconds after clicking connect’ which seemed to be accepted was related to a bug/issue in an older version of MP and so I discounted it - fool!


Hi Chris

The article on this topic is “Mission Planner Bluetooth Connectivity” ( … nectivity/).

There is a note (which I have just better highlighted):
“For use with Mission Planner on the Configure/Tuning tab make sure and UNCHECK the box “Reset on USB Connect””

So I think the information is present, but I am concerned you couldn’t find it when searching. This shows up on google search and in our search. Any suggestions on what else we might do?