Troubleshooting motor speed unchanging

Hi, this is my first build. I am using the pixhawk 6c with the ESC’s from Holybro (BL_Heli32 I believe).
I did ESC calibration with type set to both normal and DSHOT1200 I was able to do min and max throttle and got the tones like the wiki says in both modes. The motors turn off when throttle is at 0% and spin at low RPM when throttle is anything above 0%.

When I arm the copter (no propellers) the motors all begin spinning at low RPM. But when I push the throttle stick the motors don’t seem to change RPM, or very little if they do (I can’t really tell).

I already calibrated the radio, and that part looks good, I see the throttle stick moving from 982 to 2006.

How do I get the motors to spin fast?

I just tried increasing the voltage on my powersupply (I was running at 15V), when I hit 22V the motors all of the sudden behave as expected, but at 20V they do not. This is strange to me, any explanations?

In BLEHLI suite turn off Low RPM Power Protect

Only test the motors using MissionPlanner motor test, otherwise put on props and fly. Trying to test without actually flying gives misleading results.

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Thanks, i’m changing my wiring up to uses the FUM/PWM Outs so i can do passthrough. Ill let you know what happens.

Looks like that did the trick, THANKS!