Trouble with most recent arduplane firmware

We are building a fixed wing using a pixhawk 1 with a group of friends, for a uni project. The transmitter used is a frsky X7 accst with a tbs corssfire module; and a xf nano reciever.
This setup was working just right previously (mission planner was recieving properly the transmitter’s signals, and everything was working as expected), untill a week ago. The transmitter’s commands are now not showing up on mission planner, and the instructions we had previously programmed into the pixhawk (also via mission planner) are not there either.
A local RC expert analysed our situation and told us there probanly was a problem with the mission planner software, and advised for us to download its lastest version. However, even after doing so, it is still not working.
If anyone has any idea of what the problem may be, we would be extremely grateful, as we would need the plane to fly in august.

CRSF telemetry seems to be an issue as of late. Make sure you also update your CRSF module and receiver.

Plug the pixhawk into mission planner (latest beta) via USB. Confirm then if you are getting RC signal first. Note, you may also need a battery, I don’t know if that FC will power the receiver over USB alone. Get that sorted, then fight with the telemetry.

Thank you for your reply!
I updated both my transmitter and reciever, and already had mission planner’s lastest beta. However, the RC signal is still not being recieved: there is no response in the radio calibration menu, where the commands from the transmitter should appear. Furthermore, the servo output we had previously programmed into our pixhawk is also not working.

What changed from when it was working? Post your parameter file, perhaps we can learn something from that.

That is the problem. Nothing changed at all. Everything was working properly, untill a few days ago it wasn’t…

These are the parameters: //hxESN1wWklTTCLdV3xa2XrdDBHr.param

That link doesn’t seem to work. You can attach a parameter file directly, it’s only larger files like logs that require links to a storage location.

params.param (15.9 KB)

Okay. Hope this works.

OK, so you are using the RCIN pin not a serial port with CRSF protocol which I use and am familiar with. Is the output on the Rx set to Sbus?

Currently the output on the RX is set to CRSF. Is that corrrect,or should I switch it to SBus?

It’s my understanding and experience that for CRSF protocol you need to use a serial port. Sbus should be auto detected on the RCIN pin. I have never used Sbus with Crossfire so others may have additional info.
I’m not sure how this could have changed if it’s the problem but I have been frustrated before with Crossfire stuff getting to a functioning system.

I have switched the Tx mode and Rx output to Sbus, as telemetry is not 100% necessary for this project. After doing so, the radio calibration channels in mission planner moved. However, they are still not responding to the Tx’s commands.
I am sharing this just in case it is helpful in finding a solution.

okay, by switching the rx output channel 1 to sbus, and the output channel 12 to RSSI (copied this from another post); leaving the Tx mode as CSRF; and changing the protocol parameter in mission planner to Sbus only, it finally worked properly once again.
Thank you all for replying to my original question :slight_smile:

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