Trouble taking off

I am having trouble getting my quadcopter to take off. At first, around 50% throttle it was tipping over (to the same side). We recalibrated the compass, esc’s, and accelerometer and reconfigured the motors (props out). Now instead of tipping to one side it is doing donuts around the front right. Motors should provide sufficient thrust and weight is distributed well. Any ideas?

Did you run Motor Test in Mission Planner to confirm proper order and direction?

Check that the firmware framework type is set correctly

Check the vibration of flight controller.
I hit same error like tip over or weird oscillation in some motor at take off sequence.
In my case, man made sponge vibration isolator make may flight controller shake.

so after double checking the motor direction it no longer spins around the front right but now tries to takeoff nose down. i think it could be how the motors are mounted maybe? i appreciate the advice!

Thanks! I stuck a sponge around the flight controller (using the pixhawk px4), haven’t seen any changes but it can’t hurt

Likely the order or direction is still wrong. There have been countless posts saying “I triple checked” or “100% sure” and it’s still wrong. Do you understand how the Motor Test order is run in when you select the A-D buttons?

Post your parameter file here.

Hi Dave,
We reconfigured everything, does this param file look correct to you? thank you!

love_u_dave.param (16.5 KB)

:slight_smile: Good job configuring the Initial Setup Parameters! I suspect this is wrong MOT_BAT_VOLT_MAX,59.2 The MIN value matches 4S power so I suppose it should be 16.8. All else looks OK.

Thanks Dave! We’re still experiencing a lot of instability trying to take off. We get a low hover and then it tips over. any more ideas? again, really appreciate the tips!

Post a link to a .bin flight log.