Trouble setting up helicopter

Hi guys i am very new to setting up helicopters and having trouble getting the throttle and the yaw servos to do anything at all. I am using 4.03 firmware pixhawk cube black and as far as i know i have done everything right according to the ardupilot wiki. But i cant get tail servo or throttle servo to move. Tail is in 4 and throttle in 7. Have the motor interlock off but nothing is happening. Please help cheers austin

Have you setup in your TX a new model as a Plane - NOT HELICOPTER.?
Have you set up all the right channel as required in ArduCopter = Trad. Helicopter?
Have you done the radio calibration with motor interlock right position?

hi fred i cant seem to get this motor interlock to work. i set ch8 as interlock but it also says ch8 is throttle how does that work?

interlock is on ch8 right and also throttle goes to channel 8?

is anyone going to help? the documentation is so far out of date and there is so little help im really frustated with this.