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Trouble Parsing Arducopter 3.6dev log

(rrr6399) #3

Thanks. I'll test it out as soon as you're ready.
(Can it be compiled for 64 bit? That's what I was trying.)

(carpy) #4

Yes, 64-bit. Here you go:

(rrr6399) #5

That worked! Thanks!

(rrr6399) #6

I also tested your new version on a 1.3 GB log file and it worked fine now. It had troubles with a 321 MB file in the past on Windows (worked on Linux). Nice work!

APM Planner (2.0.25-rc1-31-gd9bae3ff5-DEV) crashes when reading log files from Arducopter dev (3.6dev)
(carpy) #7

I wish I could take any credit, but it's been the fantastic work by @billb and @Arne-W --I'm just the "build guy".

(rrr6399) #8

Great work @billb, @Arne-W and @carpy! The plotting capability works very well on large (>1GB) log files.

(Arne Wischmann) #9

@rrr6399 nice to hear that it works for those really big log files - during redesign I only tested against a 230MB log file. Hope you like some of the new features like cursors and presets.
@carpy - only the build guy?! You are the one who provides usable versions to everyone! Thank you for that!

(lucamax) #10


would it be possible to have the 2.0.25 version for Windows 32 bit ?
Thanks !

(carpy) #11

Try this guy and let me know if it doesn’t work and I will see what I can do.

(lucamax) #12

I download this file “apmplanner2-installer-win32.exe” and receive this error :

(carpy) #13

OK, thanks. Let me look at it when I get a chance.

(carpy) #14

@lucamax Try this installer for Windows 32-bit:

(lucamax) #15

Thanks carpy, I’ll let you know ASAP if it works .

(lucamax) #16

Still have the same message error

(carpy) #17

Ok, I’ll look a deeper and get back to you.

(carpy) #18

Ok, try again please (sorry I don’t have a win32 system):

(lucamax) #19

Hi, a different error now

(carpy) #20

Oh man, that sucks. Let me look again, we having fun yet? :slight_smile:

(carpy) #21

Let’s hope you @lucamax have better success with this one built with Qt 5.6.3:

(lucamax) #22