Trouble maintaining altitude while doing circle mode(with load)


When I switch to circle mode my drone is not able to perform the circle at the same altitude that it was at before I switched to circle mode. It either rises up or falls lower sometimes.This also only happens when I add a load to the drone(water tank) otherwise it is fine. Does anyone know why it does this and how to solve it ?

Is it able to maintain the altitude while flying against the wind at the same speed as during the circle?
Remember that flight in any direction requires some of your (maybe marginal) to thrust.
Also: post dataflashlog , if you expect help, not wild guessing.

Hi Andre,

I will post the log ASAP for review. Thanks for replying

Take a look at the wind estimation documentation, you probably need that configured correctly to compensate baro noise due to wind.

Yes that might be the case. Thanks for your help!