Trouble Hovering with 5lb Payload

I have been having an issue with my quads lately. I dont think I have changed anything on the parameters. I can fly with a 3 pound payload and the quad hovers great. I can move the quad up and stop, and the quad stops. I can move it down and it stays down. However, when I go to a 5 pound payload, when I go up, it continues to climb. I can eventually fight it back to a hover, but it will gradually (0.1mps) fall or ascend. When I go down it wants to continue to go down.

I am using 4.0.7 stable. I have been able to eventually fix it by resetting the parameters multiple times, but It is hard for me to belive that it is the solution. I think I am missing something.

Can someone take a look at the logs and parameter lists?

Check out your desired v actual in the log file.
Your quad needs to be tuned better.
The same lagging is visible in the 3lb and 5lb logs, just the delay in response is more visible.


Did you look at the CTUN Parameters on the logs? Normally the hover thrust updates throughout the entire flight. I have learn and save on, but the hover value remains constant throughout the flight.

Which part are you saying needs to be tuned better? I can definately look into that.