Trimming roll question

TRex 500 with Matek H743Mini which I’m just setting up. I did a couple of 5-minute test flights today to check for vibration, and I noted that I was having to hold a little bit of right roll throughout the flights. To counter that the wiki says, “… pull the log, noting the roll angle and pitch angle that you had to hold with the stick … Enter the roll value in the ATC_HOVR_ROL_TRM parameter in centidegrees. …

The problem I have is my flight log shows stick positions in us, with an average for RCIN>C1 (roll) of 1577 for one of my flights. How does that translate into centidegrees for the ATC_HOVR_ROL_TRM parameter?

It’s not the stick position that you need to enter into the hover roll trim parameter. You have to enter the roll angle that you saw in the log in centidegrees

OK, I’ve got it now thanks. My average ATT>Roll was 4.37 degrees during that flight, so I’ll modify my ATC_HOVR_ROL_TRM value (which I think is 300 at the moment) accordingly and test again.