Trim causes artificial Horizon to come out of level

Hi all.

I have run into an issue where in correcting for the natural tendency for the heli to want to drift to the left (due to the resultant between the heli holding its head and the tail rotor correcting for the main rotor toque) using the save trim function causes the artificial horizon to come out of level. I was wondering how others have tuned or corrected for this? I did find a previous thread on this same issue but there was no definitive solution. Any help is much appreciated

It will do that. Keep in mind when you are hovering stationary you are rolled to the right 3 degrees or so.
David R. Boulanger

Thanks David, I figured as such.
The other issue I have run into is in alt hold the heli bounces, it’s an oscillation almost like a P gain somewhere is too high and it’s hunting for the target altitude and keeps overshooting. I can’t figure out where though.

Ktrpilot, Most likely it is THR ACCEL parameter. Try a lower P and see if it helps out.

David R. Boulanger