Triggering two different cameras

Hi, im am new in the forum but i use arducopter and arduplane for some projects and could wade through forums and posts to fix my problems but now i am at a time where i can’t find anything about my new issue:

I got two different cameras (Sony A7RIII with gentles trigger and a Micasense Altum) and both work on the Pixhawk Cube black. But they use different PWM signals to trigger the shutter (Gentles Trigger at around 1900us and the Altum at 1300us). Is there a hardware problem (too little IO for hardware PWM) or only not provisioned in the software to use different signals for two cameras?
I’ve got someone who could help me with the software, if needed but i wanted to know if there is a issue why this is not already possible since i think iam not the only one with the usecase of two different cameras.

With regards from austria,