Tricopter Yaw Servo, Digital or Analogue?

Hi all

I am using a Pixhawk on my Tricopter build and almost ready to fly except I find the Yaw servo a little disappointing, its rather slow and not centering very well, so looking to fit something better.

When connecting a servo to pin 7 do I use a digital or analog servo. Instructions are a little unclear.

Can I safely connect a digital servo to pin 7 or must it be an analog servo.

In the instructions it says when using the copter version analog servos should only be connected to the AUX pins but it makes no mention of the tricopter servo being connected to the pin 7.

Thanks for any help with this


There used to be some confusion in Ardupilot about digital pins and analog pins combined with digital servos and analog servos. But as digital servos use analog inputs just like analog servos you can use just about any servo to drive the tail, and you connect them exactly the same way (to RC7).

However, beefy, high quality, metal gear analog or digital servos will give better performance and life. A sloppy tail servo on a tricopter just irritates!

Digital servos usually have more torque, center better and have more precision (but of course cost more).

Get slightly better than you can afford :grin:

Thanks for the help

Now to find a good quality digital 9g sized servo.