Tricopter Motor Test layout?

When using the Motor Test funciton in mission planner, what letter correspond to which motor on a Tricopter

And why on earth is one using numbers and the other letters? Wouldn’t it make a whole lot more sense if Motor 1 = Motor 1?

(Ok, so I’m miffed, because this cost me a fancy prop…but still)

For historical reasons… that is the way it is, we can not change that without breaking backwards compatibility. Sorry for that.

There is also sound logic why it operates that way. No matter what Frame Class is chosen the order it’s run in remains the same. Chose Arducopter X and it’s Front right then CW A-D. Pick BetaflightX, it’s Front right then CW A-D. Arducopter Hex Front Right… You get the picture, it’s done this way intentionally.

I disagree. Logic would be to have it match the motor order. Changing paradigm is unnecessary, in my opinion.
If not, then at least have all the variations listed on the page.

In my case, I used it as a last sanity check and when it didn’t match motor order, I changed it around until it did, thinking I had screwed up somewhere. (I had previously manually checked motor RPM when adding control inputs).

Then you should be posting in the Mission Planner thread and make your case.

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That…is a fair point.