TREX600 Platform / OSD Question

I am in the process of converting a TREX600 from a FPV TREX flybarless , to a FPV TREX 600 flybarless with an APM 2.6. That should be pretty straightforward.

My question is on the OSD, I have been flying another OSD that I love, and would love to use with helicopters, but they do not support them… So, is it possible to merge the two / or have two complete systems running at the same time?

TREX 600E w/ APM 2.6
using Vector OSD?

I am hoping the miniOSD gets the attitude reference bars etc that I have not with the other, and then my problems are solved - but I have not found that solution yet.

If I am off base, just tell me - but this forum has been the most intelligent of the ones I have been lurking to learn how to solve for this long term plan.

Thanks for a great product and support.


Hi David,

You might be better off asking this in a more general APM forum, or minimOSD forum if there is one. I don’t have any experience with this, and your question is generic, this technology and that part of the code is the same for both helis and multirotors.

I’ve used the OSD a good bit so I might be able to give you some direction.

Minim OSD uses mavlink framed data directly from the APM to build it’s table. So basically the APM takes in all the sensor data, and the same data that goes over your radio link is sent to the OSD which builds the display.

Now if you want to pull in more information you have two options.

1.) Find a way to connect that sensor to the APM and then add it to the mavlink data, then update the code on the OSD to read that mavlink data.

2.) Directly connect the sensor to the minimOSD and change the code on the OSD to read and display the data. I know this has been done to read RSSI information, and might be simpler.

What functionality does your old OSD offer that minim OSD doesn’t?

Thank you Rob, I will post there - as I think you are correct.

netflow - I am trying to use a different OSD with the APM, so it is a little different problem I am solving for. As for the difference, there is a much better attitude reference bar system in the other OSD, the rest of the data points are basically the same.


Ah, well you’re going to need to figure out how to make your current OSD read mavlink framed data then.