Trex450 purchase list [Noob here]

Hi all!
I’m writing from Italy and some days ago i’ve discovered the ardupilot world :grinning:
I have a clone Trex 450 with flybar sitting in my garage, it has been rebuild after the crash on my first flight, that (lasted less than 1 minute) 1 or 2 years ago and i’ve decided to put a flight control system on it for autonomous flight or a better assisted flight mode (at least crash won’t be so easy i hope :slight_smile:)
While i’m still reading wikis and docs i’m trying to list the parts needed to purchase.
The hely is controlled by a spektrum DX6i TX/RX system, it’s ok or more channels are needed?
The Openpilot Revo will be a good system for the Trex? It will need a GPS compass system and a 433Mhz receiver for the ground station right?

Thanks in advance for any help

The flybar system in ArduPilot is no different from flying it without controller. In stabilize mode it will self-level and there are Acro trainer features that will help you learn how to fly your flybar helicopter. You should still practice with it and learn how to hover and manuveur in all nose orientations, however, or you won’t be able to fly it very well. The system is capable of full 3D aerobatics with flybar helicopter. As well as autonomous flight modes.

The Revo works fine with ArduPilot. However, at the present time you can use any supported controller with 6 servo outputs, but you still need a 8 channel radio for throttle control. The Revo has built-in telemetry via OPLink. You just need a OPLink Mini for your ground station. It has been awhile since I last flew my Revo with ArduPilot (I have OpenPilot in it right now) so I don’t recall all the details right offhand. I don’t have a GPS on mine because GPS support is sketchy with OpenPilot and helicopters. However, any of the Neo GPS chips should work with ArduPilot.

I should mention that at the time I flew my Revo on ardupilot I was using a build provided by a fellow named “Night-Ghost” on RC groups. I think you will have to use Copter 3.6 (currently beta) to fly it with an official ArduPilot buld. There are no stable builds for the Revo board.

Thanks Chris for your reply.

Hello it’s me again!

I saw the Omnibus F4 Pro board, it wiil be ok for the Trex?

Sorry, I can’t say yes or no as I have no experience with that board. The Pixracer has been used successfully on small helicopters, and we had one user even fly a Blade micro with it.